Upcoming videos

Hello everyone. I’ve posted a new video on my YouTube channel to introduce the channel, thanks viewers for their interest in my channel, and to let people know what kinds of videos they can expect to see appearing on my channel in the near future. I announced that I intend to begin using my YouTube channel as a research video blog, and also invited people to send requests for me to cover songs if they so desire.

In the coming weeks, I intend to give a series of presentations on a book that has been very important to me over the years: The Religious Affections, by the eighteenth-century theologian, preacher and philosopher, Jonathan Edwards. I’ll probably discuss briefly the Introduction of the book, in which Edwards gives his reasons for writing the book. Then, depending on time constraints, I might begin to present the argumentation of the first chapter.

Look forward to meeting with you all then.

All blessings in Christ.



1 Comment

  1. Hi Jonathan, really looking forward to learning from your video blogposts on Jonathan Edwards’ Religious Affections! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


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